The sanxian is fretless and has three strings which are plucked with a plectrum or the fingernails.

It's length varies between 95 and 122 cm.

Like the erhu, the resonator is covered with snake skin.

The sanxian has a loud percussive tone similar to a banjo.


A type of zither, the guzheng has 18 or more strings with movable bridges and is played with four picks taped to the fingers of the dominant hand only or, for advanced players,

to both hands (the little fingers don't have picks attached).


A distinctive feature of the higher pitched dizi is that they have a hole (mo kong) covered with a membrane (di mo) between the embouchure and the finger holes, giving them

a bright, loud, buzzing tone.


This is a two stringed, fretless instrument, and is played with

a horse hair bow which passes under one string and over the other, effectively linking it to the instrument.

It's distinctive sound is produced by the vibrating python skin which covers the front of the sound box.


The SuoNa is a double reeded instrument akin to an oboe.

Having a loud, high pitched sound, it is frequently used as part of an ensemble in outdoor performances of traditional Chinese music.

It is believed the SuoNa was originally developed from the zurna of the Middle East.

All stringed and wind instruments have the following features except Guzheng and Sanxian which additionally have an Octave option (Oct button) which plays two notes an octave apart.

Filter - Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Band Reject.


Delay - host tempo aligned. Ping-pong or straight, depending on left and right settings.


Vibrato - modulation wheel controlled.

MIDI learn on all controls with full automation.

Clicking ( ? ) reveals on interface help.

Clicking ( ! ) reveals other information.

TAO Percussion.

Output options - master or instrument out.

Effects for each instrument:


Delay - host tempo aligned, ping-pong or straight depending on left and right length settings.

Filter - Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Band Reject.

MIDI learn and full automation for all controls.

Clicking ( ? ) reveals on interface help.


Paigu - drums.


Opera Gongs - Large - descending pitch

                         Small - ascending pitch.

Large frame gongs.

Bangzi and Muyu - wood.

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