Inspire was designed to intelligently randomise its parameters to produce rich pads with the aim to inspire new compositions rather than to fit into existing projects. With this design ethos in mind it's not claimed Inspire is a sound design tool. That said, obviously you're free to use Inspire as you wish - if you find a way to make a cappuccino with it go ahead (at your own risk!) and please let us know how you did it.

The coloured panels in the grid randomise all, or specific parts, of its internal settings.

Included in the randomising panels are Sweep Generators which create sweeps of randomly generated duration and tonality. Sweeps can be so subtle as to be almost imperceptible, powerfully dramatic or anywhere between the two. (Sweeps can be turned off by disabling the envelope resulting in a regular low pass filter.)

From the Options section, accessed via the MENU, sounds can be edited further in various ways. For a complete view of Options see the pictures.

Sounds produced with Inspire are particularly useful for cinematic application.

Creating banks of original presets for Inspire  can be achieved in very little time.

With four channels, each having their own sound source and effects, we very much hope Inspire will do just that, inspire.

Inspire - Lose control & get all fired up!



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Inspire is quite system resource intensive. Caution with instances per project is advised.

Please leave your comments about Inspire, favourable or not, in the discussion area at the bottom of This Page.

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